wound viewer device

A Click-and-Go mobile solution for better wound-care monitoring

Wound Viewer is a Class 1 medical device capable of automatically acquiring and processing images of cutaneous ulcers using an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, providing to the physician fundamental parameters such as area, depth, type of ulcer tissue (e.g. granular, necrotic), and capable of classifying the wound according to the Wound Bed Preparation (WBP) classification score.

Wound Viewer is a technological tool of support that allows the physician to predict the onset of lethal complications (extension of the necrotic area, change of wound classification) significantly reducing the healing time and, consequently, the days of hospitalization and the associated costs.

All clinical data acquired by the Wound Viewer are organized and stored in digital medical records protected by the data protection regulations HIPAA and GDPR. More information on the technical features of the product can be found in the Technical Information section.

Fast and easy to use, designed by doctors for doctors

The Wound Viewer is a decision-supporting tool for healthcare professionals that, thanks to its fully automation, improves their productivity by reducing measurement time reaching less than 3 minutes per visit, allows them to identify the best therapy for the patient reducing the risk of clinical complications by more than 30%, and, allows for the remote monitoring of the patients.

The entire process consists of 4 simple steps and takes totally less than 3 minutes


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